The Nairobi National Museum is located 10 minutes drive from Nairobi city center at Museum hill on your way to Westlands. A visit to the museum will require about 2 hours. The museum also comprises of a snake park and botanical garden.

The museum holds a wide variety of most reputed collections relating to culture, history, and art hailing from East Africa and Kenya. This museum interprets Kenyan heritage for stimulating learning and appreciation. Nairobi Museum is a huge facility with many educating sections.

There is a guide in the entryway that offers all the information about each and every section of the museum. Upstairs in the people section, are displays of the cultures of various tribes in Kenya. Also, the museum contains dinosaur fossils found in Kenya. There is also a shop that sells artifacts and a restaurant that offers meals to visitors. 

There is an enormous statue of a dinosaur just at the entrance to the museum. Another major tourist attraction within the grounds is the Snake Park which has just been refurbished.

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