The Tsavo National park is Kenya’s biggest park and one of the biggest parks in the world spanning a huge chunk of land measuring up to 22,000km square. The Tsavo often refered as the “Land of Lava, Springs & Man-Eaters” is an amazing tourist destination for the safari lovers, conservationists amd birdwatchers. The park has wonderful sceneries from volcanic lava rocks to natural water springs like the Mzima Springs, shetani lava flows. The savannah ecosystem comprises of open grasslands, scrublands, acacia woodlands, riverine vegetations and rocky ridges and open fields. The Tsavo National park comprises of two independent parks separated by the Nairobi Mombasa Railway line namely Tsavo East and Tsavo West.

Tsavo East National Park

The park is located in the south Eastern part of Kenya near Voi town in the Taita-Taveta District of the coastal province. It spans an average size of 13,747 sqaure kilometers. The park is generally a flat land with dry plains that are quenched by the galena river. It has the Yatta Plateau and the lugard falls makes the spectacular beautiful sceneries of the Tsavo East. The park can be accessed through Manyani gate, Voi gate, Buchuma Gate and the Sala gate.

Tsavo West National Park

The Tsavo west is located in the coastal province on the west of the Tsavo east separated by the old Nairobi Mombasa Railway line that was constructed during the colonial times.  The park spans an area of about 9,065 square kilometers. The west is covered by rocky landscapes and mountains and it is more watered than the east featureing the Mzima springs. It has plenty of flora and fauna and plenty of birdlife. It has the big five mammals like the black rhino, cape buffalo, elephants, leopards, hippos and masai lions. There are herbivorous animals in the park like the masai giraffes, zebras, bush baby, hartebeest, lesser kudus among others. The park can be accessed through the Mtiti gate, man eaters gate , Chyulu gate and Maktau gate.

[ photos of tsavo east and west map, wildlife photos]

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